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PTC Heaters and Fan Heaters

Publish Time: 2016-10-09    Visit: 3505

Use our PTC heaters, cabinet heaters, panel heaters, enclosure heaters to avoid temperature drops in your equipment preventing the formation of condensation. Fan heaters, heating element in combination with fan, additionally make sure that the warm interior air is evenly distributed.

Main semiductor heaters and fan heaters including as below:

HG 140 Semiconductor PTC Heater

HVL 031 Fan Heater

HGK 047 Semiconductor PTC Heater

HGL 046 Fan Heater

CS 060 Touch-safe PTC Heater 

CSL 028 Touch-safe PTC Fan Heater

RC 016 Small Semiconductor PTC Heater

CS 130 Panel-mount PTC Fan Heater

HV 031 Heater without Fan

CR 027 Semiconductor PTC Fan Heater

Company Profile

Vanto Industrial Group Limited was founded in 2012. We are a professional manufacturer and wholesaler in the field of low voltage electrical appliances in China. Especially in enclosure thermostat, PTC heater, switching power supply, electrical acces...




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